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The SGR Program Review

While The SGR Program is an extension of the movie The Secret; the movie is based on the book from which the program gets its name. The SGR Program Review reviews the program itself, the teachers and all the material contained in the program.

The SGR Program has had a profound effect on me, totally changing the way I think and the way I look at and live life. I continue to study the program daily, as part of my self development. So here is my review of the SGR Program:

The Teachers

The SGR Program is taught by three of the teachers who featured in the hit movie The Secret. They are Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield.

The Program

The SGR Program is a self study program that is based on the book that the movie The Secret was based on. The book was called the Science of Getting Rich and this program is a chapter by chapter guided study.

The Lessons

Each lesson is introduced by Michael Beckwith. Bob Proctor presents the lesson including the questions at the end of each lesson. Jack Canfield summarizes each lesson and often sets additional exercises for the lesson.

Added Value

The program provides an updated revision of the original book written by Wallace Wattles. The original book written by Wattles was only 66 pages and is often referred to as the Little Green Book whereas the updated revision maintains all of the original content but is 128 pages with additional content relevant to the program.

The book is also presented as individual chapters with questions at the end of each chapter for the purpose of self study.

There is also an audio version of each chapter. The audio version includes the introduction by Michael Beckwith, the lesson by Bob Proctor which includes a chapter reading and ends with a summary by Jack Canfield.

Most chapters contain additional content from many of Bob Proctor’s other programs including sections from his Freedom Series and content from Think and Grow Rich.

What Do You Get?

The original package went for $2,000 but advances in technology have taken advantage of digital delivery meaning that you gain instant access to the SGR Program. You receive:

·         17 original and guided Science of Getting Rich Sessions with Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield.
·         Full transcripts of every session.
·         Wallace D. Wattles’ complete and original The Science of Getting Rich eBook.
·         A personal digital workbook.
·         One-click download of the audio in MP3 format for your computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone, game console and/or MP3 player.
·         A comprehensive and interactive online learning system. You can answer your questions in your digital workbook or answer them online for feedback.
·         A support environment with an active learning community where you can interact, bounce ideas, share experiences, support and gain inspiration with like-minded people who have also purchased the program.


As with most programs a number of bonuses are offered when you join the SGR Program. These include 30 minutes with Bob Proctor, an intimate conversation with John Assaraf and Wealth Action morning protocol plus access to the affiliate program to generate an additional stream of income.

The SGR Program Detailed Review

If you would like a more comprehensive review there are two; The SGR Program Detailed Review and the SGR Program Chapter Review.


7 Free Lessons on the Science of Getting Rich

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Bob Proctor’s Guide on the Impression of Increase

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